Christian Wolff

Play, make sounds, in short bursts, clear in outline for the most part: quiet: two or three times moves towards as loud as possible, but as soon as you cannot hear yourself or another player stop directly. Allow various spaces between playing (2, 5 seconds, indefinite): sometimes overlap events. One, two, three, four or five times play a long sound or complex or sequence of sounds. Sometimes play independently, sometimes by coordinating: with other players (when they start or stop or while they play or when they move) or a player should play (start or, with long sounds start and stop or just stop) at a signal (or within 2 or 5 seconds of a signal) over which he has no control (does not know when it will come). At some point or throughout use electricity.


From Prose Collection, 1968. 1973 by Christian Wolff. Used by permission.