ex tempore



                                              A Journal of Compositional and Theoretical

                                        Research in Music





                                               co-editors:         George Arasimowicz, State University of California at Dominguez Hills
John MacKay, West Springfield MA


                                               associate editors:


Per Broman, Bowling Green University

Jeffrey Brukman, Rhodes University, RSA

John Cole, Elisabeth University of Music, JAP  

Angela Ida de Benedictis, University of Pavia, IT

Paolo Dal Molin, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, FR         

Alfred Fisher, Queen’s University, CAN

Cynthia Folio, Temple University

Gerry Gabel, Texas Christian University

Tomas Henriques, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, POR

Timothy Johnson, Ithaca College

David Lidov, York University, CAN

Marina Lupishko, le Havre, FRA

Eva Mantzourani, Canterbury Christchurch Univ, UK

Christoph Neidhöfer, McGill University, CAN    

Paul Paccione, Western Illinois University    

Robert Rollin, Youngstown State University          

Roger Savage, UCLA

Stuart Smith, University of Maryland

Thomas Svatos, Eastern Mediterranean Univ, TRNC      

André Villeneuve UQAM, CAN





ex tempore is available at a per issue cost of $15.00/$25.00 USD (individual /institutional rates). Requests for subscriptions should be made to ex tempore, 38 Front St., West Springfield MA, 01089.


Back Issues:

Back issues may be purchased at the above rates at the above postal address or via johnwmackay@yahoo.com


Editorial Correspondence:

Manuscripts should be sent to the editors of ex tempore at the above postal address and online submissions can be made to: johnwmackay@yahoo.com


Note to the Contributors:             

Papers will be selected on the basis of their aim and for their relevance to composition and musical experience rather than for their adherence to specific methodological principles. The papers should present previous unpublished material in a manner clearly reproducible a suitable to the character of the journal. No specific length prescribed for contributions, but authors must confine themselves to the minimum required by the subject matter. The same applies to examples, tables, and footnotes. Papers will be accepted or rejected on the advice of at least two members of the editorial board acting as referees and a third member will be consulted whenever a basic disagreement occurs. Papers (two copies of each typescript) may be submitted to the editors at the addresses listed above. In articles containing a large number of score sound examples, authors may be asked to obtain necessary copyright permissions and licenses.










                                                                   ISBN: 276-6795